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Item description

Fun & Engaging Interactive & Printable Roman Numerals Resources Suitable for upper elementary & middle school students.


  • A combined Presentation with Activities & Graded Quiz

  • Separate Graded Quiz

  • Printable Dominoes Game pdf format

  • PPT of Dominoes Game which can be edited

  • Roman Numerals spreadsheet (editable)

Digital Presentation – Introduction to Roman Numerals with a couple of short activities, written into PPT slides. (HTML Version)

Plus a graded Quiz – 10Qs. Learners are only allowed 1 attempt but they get the opportunity to review their answers at the end of the quiz. This can be played as a whole group or you can use the individual quiz version included as a separate download with this resource so that the learner can play this on a computer. (HTML Version with anew background, not shown in video)

HTML Resources Note:

Please make sure that you keep the HTML folder intact and run the index.html file from inside the folder. If you are adding to individual computers, please make sure that you add the whole file and then ask your students to open it up in the same manner as outlined above, thanks.

Dominoes Game, paper-based (play in small groups)

This resource is in PPT format which shows the correct answers (the first answer on the first slide marries up with the last answer on the last slide). Make as many copies as necessary.

A spreadsheet showing Roman Numerals 1 – 80 has also been included so that you can change domino values in order to play various versions of this game. The Spreadsheet & PPT have been left unlocked for your convenience.

Please leave constructive feedback, many thanks.