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Help students achieve more purposeful reading experiences and sharpen their note-taking skills with this reading guide covering Act 1 of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. In addition, this resource aims to facilitate review and future recall of plot. Students will identify what the text states explicitly, track character and plot development, articulate the context and significance of given quotations, and more. Materials are delivered in printable Word Document and PDF formats. The following details are addressed:

  • Feuding in the streets
  • The prince’s declaration of punishment
  • Romeo’s despair at lost love
  • Rosaline’s decision
  • Juliet’s refusal to accept marriage
  • Lord Capulet’s beliefs toward the prospect of marriage
  • Romeo’s invite to Lord Capulet’s party
  • Paris
  • Mercutio’s harsh, sarcastic tone toward Romeo’s heartbreak
  • Queen Mab
  • Romeo’s foreshadowing prediction
  • Tybalt’s reaction to Romeo’s presence (in contrast to Capulet’s)
  • Romeo’s discovery of Juliet’s identity
  • And more