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This math resource focuses on rounding whole numbers to the nearest 10 and 100. It includes practice and assessment items in both printable and digital formats.


Posters/Anchor Charts

These provide visual support and explantation of how to round to the nearest 10 and 100. There are two versions of each poster. One shows students how to look at the position on the number line to determine whether the number should round up or down. The other explains how to look at the ones (or tens and ones) to determine if the number should be rounded up or down (more than 5/50, round up).

Task Cards

These cards include various question formats to build students’ critical thinking while learning to round. Rather than simply giving students a number and having them round it, some questions ask them to identify which numbers round to a target number (For example, what number rounded to the nearest hundred is 200? or Which number cannot be rounded to ____?). Includes 16 task cards and recording sheets.

Exit Tickets

Single-question exit tickets allow you to quickly assess student understanding after a lesson. Space is provided for students to explain their thinking. Includes 4 different exit tickets – rounding a two-digit number to the nearest 10, rounding a three-digit number to the nearest 10, rounding a three-digit number to the nearest 100, and rounding a four-digit number to the nearest 100.


Includes two worksheets – one for rounding to the nearest 10 and one for the nearest 100. Students cut out the numbers and sort according to whether they round up or round down.


Students round to the nearest 10 and 100. Includes number lines to show their work and demonstrate understanding of the procedure for rounding. Digital assessment is also included (see below).

Answer keys are included.