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This resource is a middle and high school worksheet with complete key on factors, multiples, products, remainders and divisibility. The math covered is fundamental to RSA encryption, the surprise is, it is actually very easy and can be mastered by any middle or high schooler.

This resource works great as …

  • an assessment exercise
  • a worksheet
  • independent work
  • distance learning
  • math stations
  • math centers
  • homework
  • constructive group work when introducing the topic.

I love to improve my resources, so any constructive feedback from you will be extremely welcome. 

Enjoy this resource.


Multiplication (Times) Tables, Products, Factors, Multiples, Prime Numbers and Rules for Divisibility form an important part of the RSA Public Key Cryptosystem. It is important that students know (and that teachers always remind them) when they are busy with these topics, that they are learning fundamental mathematics needed to encrypt data and secret messages. 

This worksheet (with key) focuses on …

Multiplication Tables

Listing Products in a set

Listing all the Factors of an Integer in a set

Listing Multiples of an Integer in a set

The proper notation for Factors, Products and Multiples

The qualities of Prime and Composite Numbers

The Rules of Divisibility of Integers 

Exciting News: This worksheet is the first of 7 worksheets that will teach students ALL the mathematics they need to be able to do RSA Encryption.