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This nonfiction reading comprehension resource will give you an opportunity to teach your students about Ruby Bridges and what she accomplished in history. Students will read nonfiction passages and answer text dependent questions using reading skills and strategies.

Ruby Bridges was only six years old at the height of the Civil Rights Movement, but she proved to be very instrumental. Her face melted hearts as her courage impressed even the bravest of souls. Ruby’s story is one for every child to read and realize that we are all the same inside, and we can all make a difference.


** This resource has been used in a third grade classroom. Some third grade students may need help with some of the inference and finding evidence questions.

All answers included.


Standards Covered:

  • RI 3.1, RI 4.1, RI 5.1, RI 6.1- Making Inferences and Using Details to Answer Questions
  • RI 3.2, RI 4.2, RI 5.2, RI 6.2- Main Idea and Supporting Details
  • RI 3.3, RI 4.3, RI 5.3, RI 6.3 – Describing Relationships
  • RI 3.4, RI 4.4, RI 5.4, RI 6.4 – vocabulary
  • RI 4.5, RI 5.5, RI 6.5 – Problem / Solution and Cause / Effect
  • RI 4.8, RI 5.8, RI 6.8 – Evidence to support a Particular Point