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20-page book of RWI set 3 phonics reading comprehension worksheets:

ea: cup of tea

oi: spoil the boy

a-e: make a cake

i-e: nice smile

o-e: phone home

u-e: huge brute

aw: yawn at dawn

are: share and care

ur: purse for a nurse

er: a better letter

ow: brown cow

ai: snail in the rain

oa: goat in a boat

ew: chew the stew

ire: fire fire!

ear: hear with your ear

ure: sure it’s pure?

tion: (celebration)

tious / cious: (scrumptious / delicious


  1. Children should read the short story 3 times. Each time they colour one star at the bottom.
  2. Children should look at the sound in the top right corner and circle words with that sound in the story.
  3. Children read (with support from an adult) the questions and highlight the answers in the story.
  4. Then they write the correct answer on the lines provided.