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Is it sarcasm, or is it serious? Social skills and scenarios related to teens and older students.

Students make social inferences about whether a spoken statement is an example of sarcasm or not.

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Using real-life pictures, students are provided with a written social scenario and then a verbal statement. Using the clues in the scenario (textual information), the clues in the picture, and information about what THEY already know about similar situations/THEIR own personal experiences, students will then make a ‘smart guess’ about whether the presented verbal statement is either serious or sarcastic.

For each social example, whether it is an example of sarcasm or serious, students will then be provided with a series of questions that will allow them to look at the statement (and the available social clues) to understand just WHY (or why not) there is evidence of sarcasm in the response.

Where sarcasm is used, students will then be provided with the opportunity to state what the sarcasm REALLY means.

This packet contains 161 workable google slides that encompasses 60 different social scenarios (2-3 slides per scenario).

Upon purchase, you will receive a PDF document with directions and links on how to add this activity to your own Google Drive