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Lab Safety is a must in any science classroom. It is generally the first unit covered. This is a complete unit for Lab Safety instruction. These activities are perfect for the first week back to school. This Unit can be completed in 3 days if all resources are used. Depending on the level of your students you may need to add a day.

What is included:

Safety Rules PPT – The most common rules are included in this PowerPoint. There is an editable slide for you to add your own if needed. There is also an editable slide with objectives and success criteria if you need to change anything to make it more relevant to your classroom.

Safety Rules and Contract – This is printable but is a fillable PDF if needed digitally.

Safety Scavenger Hunt – This is a fun way to get your students up and moving around at the beginning of the school year. You can make it a contest or just a fun activity. This is an editable PDF so you can make it fit your classroom (instructions are included).

Safety Rules Paragraph (and KEY) – Students need to read in the science classroom. This activity will give you an early assessment of how your students perform on reading assignments as well as assessing their knowledge of safety rules. This is two pages. The second page can be omitted if necessary. This is also in a fillable PDF format if needed digitally.

Safety Quiz (and KEY) – A 10 question quiz to assess your students. I recommend students take this quiz until they answer all questions correctly before participating in a lab activity. This is in a fillable PDF format if needed digitally.

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