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30 days of decodable daily readers that support science of reading and student growth. Students can check off proficient sounds and words and annotate their sentences. 

This resource aligns with the scope and sequence of Wilson Reading system but can be modified to meet the needs of all students. The picture cues align with Fundation and Wilson. 

This resource includes: 

  • 6 Weekly I CAN goal Sheets (view the preview for the scope and sequence)
    • Identifies sounds with picture cue
    • Four words containing the new digraph
    • Maps out sight words and the sound that readers need to know by heart at this time
  • 30 Daily Digraph Readers
    • 5 Readers for each digraph sound (+ one review week)
    • 8 sounds
    • 3 CVC Words
    • 3 Sentences
  • Sentence Annotation Guide
    • Shows readers how to mark their sentence to help them read it.

Ways to use this resource: 

  1. Independent Reading- This is perfect for morning work.
  2. Partner Reading Checks
  3. Homework- Short and simple to encourage practice
  4. As a part of guided reading practices
  5. To assess phonics