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Meet the firefly, or lightning bug! They contain chemicals for bioluminescence and can have a significant impact on society! Scientists study these beetles to learn about bioluminescence and research possible applications for human health. But there is a problem, firefly populations are declining due to habitat loss and human impact. Learn how these small beetles play a key role for our future. Article is written for middle school students in order to learn more about this important topic!

Objective: The purpose of this article is to provide an authentic learning experience for students. The science article is timely, current science that is about events and discoveries that are occurring in our world.

Students will read non-fiction, science oriented text. Using annotation skills and critical reading skills make this a good interdisciplinary practice activity as well. The key word section includes definitions for terms that may not be familiar to students.

Questions to answer are related to the information and are open ended for the best student reflections. The extension section enables both students and teachers to further delve into the ideas and topics presented in the article.

Science Concepts: Chemical reactions, bioluminescence, conservation of species, science and societal impacts

Lesson and Teacher Tips: If completing an activity like this for the first time, teacher modeling is great to demonstrate “thinking out loud” strategies. To save on paper, class copies of the articles (option – use plastic sleeves) are great! Make enough copies of the questions page for students to each have their own.

This article was thoroughly researched and cross referenced. References are included at the end to provide more information and resources for further learning.

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