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Make assessing your students’ understanding of scientific vocabulary a snap! This resource includes three vocabulary tests over habitats and food chains.  All my science vocabulary assessment resources make a simple and easy science test, science quiz, review, homework, simple worksheets, or extension assignment.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 1 eleven question multiple choice and matching assessment over types of habitats

  • 1 ten-question fill-in-the-blank assessment over food chains

  • 1 four question fill-in-the-blank assessment over who is at the top of the food chain

  • A full answer key

  • List of terms on the assessment, as well as other words you may want to review with your students before assigning the test.

No Prep!  Just make copies for each student in your class and you are done!

Terms Tested:

  • community

  • habitat

  • environment

  • ecosystem

  • perish

  • thrive

  • population

  • wetland

  • desert

  • tundra

  • rain forest

  • food chain

  • predator

  • prey

  • scavenger

  • consumer

  • producer

  • herbivore

  • carnivore

  • omnivore

  • food web

  • human

  • chicken

  • ladybug

  • leaf

  • food chain


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