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Are you looking for a scientific method activity that will excite your students while teaching them about the scientific method?  Look no further than this Scientific Method Worksheets and Activity Bundle.  Your 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students will love learning about the scientific method with this unit and by the end they will be pros in explaining and using the scientific method. 


This Nature of Science lesson requires very little prep time in order to introduce and teach the steps in the scientific method, observations, variables, experiments versus investigations, repeated trials, control groups, that the scientific method is not always used by scientists, and that all experiments should be replicable by others.  Each scientific method activity lesson includes learning goals, specific teacher directions, a recording sheet for a hands-on science experiment, and even a quick assessment. Ditch the typical scientific method activity worksheets and turn your science class into an exciting hands-on learning environment.


Use this resource as a part of your Nature of Science Unit or just as a fun experiment to introduce the importance of the scientific method. These scientific method worksheets and activities are perfect for whole class science lessons, the science lab, science test prep, small group instruction and even as a part of centers. 


These activities can be completed with basic supplies/materials from around your classroom or house! Fill your science lesson plans with this fun and engaging scientific method lesson.  View the Preview to see just what is included in this amazing Scientific Method Bundle.



Scientific Method Worksheets and Activities Bundle includes:

  • Teacher Directions

  • Learning Goals

  • Materials for Lesson

  • Foldable Notes

  • Hands-On Activities

  • Experiments

  • Investigation

  • Student Recording Sheet

  • Exit Slips

  • Checklist to Document Student Understanding

  • Answer Keys



✨ Scientific Method Topics Included:

  • Steps in the Scientific Method

  • Observations vs. Opinions

  • Qualitative vs. Quantitative Observations

  • Independent, Dependent, and Controlled Variables

  • Investigations vs. Experiments

  • Repeated Trials

  • Control Groups

  • Scientific Method is Not Always Used by Scientists

  • Experiments Should Be Replicable by Others


See What Teachers are Saying:

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ My students loved using this! I used it as a refresher on the scientific method and prep for science fair.  Nice and simple experiments so that we could focus on the method and remembering to do each step correctly.