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These Scientific Method Review Stations are perfect for review at the end of the school year or learning unit. Simple, easily-obtained supplies make the stations quick to set up and easy to implement.

Stations are a fun way to get your kids up and moving. They are really useful at the end of the year when students need to review but are getting antsy! They work particularly well for reviewing because each station covers a specific topic or concept.

There are 6 stations designed with various types of activities:

  • Watch and Learn (uses a Youtube video)
  • Interpret
  • Create
  • Analyze (2 parts)
  • Write
  • Get Active – Mini Lab

Topics reviewed:

  • Types of variables
  • Observation vs Inference
  • Graphing
  • Steps in the Scientific Method
  • Analyzing a data table
  • reading a short passage and writing about the experiment

These Scientific Method Review Stations can also be used as whole class review, seat work, assessments, bellringers or exit tickets.

Here’s what your download will include:

  • 7 individual station signs with directions for each station
  • student answer sheets
  • answer key
  • Teacher’s Guide

Simple supplies needed include brown paper lunch bags with small objects for using senses, colored pencils, rulers, grapes or small plastic “jewels”, beakers or some other clear containers.

The station sheets can be laminated or placed in sheet protectors to use them from year to year.