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Looking for something exciting for a summer unit?

An idea for a beach project?

These activities are fun and engaging.

Feel inspired, Be Creative and Make Change.

shells are like little jewels. But they are also hard and tough. Here
they provide inspiration for new ideas. An introduction to Biomimicry –
Bio means Life and Mimic means to imitate life and nature.

1. A short introduction to biomimicry.

2. What I know about sea shells

3. Ways to find out about sea shells

4. I Love seashells because. . .

5. Acrostic poem 2x

6. Beautiful patterns

7. Fascinating Facts about Sea Shells

8. Gallery of Sea Shells

9. Light Dance—Sea shells – mind map

10. Bioluminescence – Design a playground or house

11. Random inspiration – Design challenge

12. Craft

13. How to use biomimicry and mindmaps in the classroom

14. Book Tips

15. Poster x2 color and black and white