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This standards aligned, engaging, superhero themed resource contains 100 printables (worksheets) for the second grade, each one focusing on either Language, Math, Writing, and/or Reading skills! These are excellent to use for early finishers, quarantine packets, seat-work, homework, morning work, substitute days, and even to send home within a summer packet for further review! Having a few of these sheets printed and ready to go at all times ensures that you won’t ever have a student with “nothing to do” and it can also give you the peace of mind that should you need a mental or physical health day, you’ve got these ready-made, no-prep, throw them in a folder, substitute activities ready for your class to independently complete in your absence. ANSWER SHEETS ARE INCLUDED!

PLEASE NOTE: The resources within this purchase contain materials that your students will be learning throughout the course of your entire school year, so if you need review work to begin your year with, I recommend also purchasing the grade level below this one, and/or, if you need higher leveled work, grab the one geared for the level above as well!

The standards reviewed and practiced within are:

Language (L.2.2, L.2.2A, L.2.4B, L.2.6, L.2.5, L.2.1A, L.2.4.D, L.2.4.A, L.2.2.C, L.2.4.E) *Abbreviation of days, holidays, products and geographic locations; adding and understanding meanings of prefixes, adjectives into adverbs, choosing similar verbs and similar adjectives, collective nouns, compound words and their meanings, context clues for word meanings, apostrophes in possessives, using dictionaries skills and determining word meanings

Reading (RF.2.3, RF.2.3F, RI.2.1, RI.2.3, RI.2.6, RL.2.1, RL.2.3, RL.2.7) *Long and short vowel sounds, adding –ing to words- including those that end in -ie, superlative adjectives, Reading Comprehension, Draw the Story activities-answering questions to demonstrate understanding of key details in text, problem solving characters

Writing (W.2.1, W.2.2, W.2.3, W.2.8) *Opinion, informative/explanatory, and narrative writing prompts. Two extra pages are included for you to use, which allow extra space for writing. Print these onto the backs of any assignment that you desire to lengthen. One has a space for a drawing, the other is just lines for writing.

Math (2.MD.C.8, 2NBT.A.1, 2.NBT.A.2, 2.NBT.A.3, 2.NBT.A.4, 2.NBT.B5, 2.NBT.B6, 2.NBT.B7, 2.NBT.B8, 2.0A.A.1, 2.0A.B.2) *Word Problems with monetary amounts, hundreds tens and ones, skip counting by 5s, 10s, and 100s, expanded form and number names, comparing 3 digit numbers, subtraction with/without regrouping, addition within 100, addition up to 4 2-digit numbers, addition and subtraction within 1000, mental addition and subtraction of 10 and 100, one and two step word problems within 100, mental addition and subtraction within 20

Language, Reading, and Math Cut and Paste Practice

Language, Reading, and Math Timed Challenge Sheets *These are for use as either a whole class (each student gets a copy) activity where the teacher sets a timer and calls stop after their own set time, or place copies with a pre-set timer back at a center and have students compete against each other or even work together using the same sheet in smaller groups (or save on copies by using just 4-5 copies that are either laminated or placed in wipe off sheet protectors and use with dry-erase markers). If sent home in a summer packet or for homework, attach a small note asking parents to set a timer for a set amount of time for their child. Great for parental involvement help!