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Hero themed visual perceptual seek and find worksheets to find 4 specific Hero items in 4 worksheets AND corresponding cards for 12 items. Print and go activity to address visual scanning, form constancy, and figure-ground skills. This packet is a fun way to promote these skills in your classroom, occupational therapy sessions, or for first finishers.


  • 4 Seek and Find Worksheets
    • Each worksheet focuses on finding a specific hero item (hero car, shield, lightning bolt, hero book) in the picture below (1 item per page, up to 8 of each item)
    • Additional corresponding cards to increase the challenge of this activity . These cards have 12 items to count for over 65 items in each worksheet
  • 4 Corresponding Cards (2 cards per one sheet of paper)
    • The same 12 items are on each card with different amounts in each worksheet
    • Answer Key Included