Item description

SEESAW Preloaded Weekly Sampler Set for Kindergarten. This is a one week sample of my weekly math and ELA activities. Includes BOTH online and paper versions.
This is a SEESAW Preloaded version, a PDF printable version, and a PowerPoint version which can also be uploaded to Google Slides. These activities are perfect for providing a choice of printed work or online distance learning for Kindergarten students.

Seesaw Preloaded Kindergarten Activities for Weeks 1-3 Available For Purchase Now

Full-Year Seesaw Kindergarten Growing Bundle Available

Each Full Set Includes 3 weeks of (Available for Purchase):

  1. Seesaw Preloaded Activities (add the activities with 1 click)

  2. A Printable PDF Version for each week

  3. A PowerPoint Version for each week (uploadable  to Google Slides)

These activities have been created for Seesaw and are designed to print nicely in black and white.  Teachers and parents who are working in person and want paper packets can print using the included PDF versions or select the print option directly from Seesaw.  The print version from Seesaw looks great.

If you are providing BOTH distance learning and in person instruction, this packet will make your life easier.  Just provide the weekly packet to student who are distance learning through Seesaw or Google Classroom and provide your students in the classroom with the paper version.  BOTH groups of students can work on the same set of pages concurrently each day.  There is no need to create two separate lesson plans.

Full-Year Bundle

 Seesaw Preloaded Kindergarten Math and Literacy Bundle for the full-year

Included in Weeks 1-3:

  • Easy to follow daily checklist on page 1

  • 4 daily activities – Monday to Thursday

  • 3 activities – Friday

  • Math and Literacy included daily

  • Week 1 includes easy activities to help familiarize students with Seesaw tools and worksheet instructions.

  • Daily sentence reading practice – Beginning on Week 2

This No Prep product is well organized and easy to use.  It can be used year after year, even after distance learning has become a distant memory.