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A set of 20 self-esteem affirmations. These self-esteem affirmation cards are a great way in building self-esteem in teenagers. These cards could be given individually and in groups.

The file include a PDF file if you want to print and individual digital slides of each card.

Cards include:

1. You get better everyday in every way. Keep it up!

2. You are peaceful. Stay that way!

3. You are good at focusing and concentrating. Keep it up!

4. This too shall pass. You will make it through!

5. You can conquer your fears. I believe in you!

6. You are calm. Stay that way!

7. You are committed to your goals. Keep it up!

8. You stand up for others. Keep it up!

9. You are good at managing your time. Keep it up!

10. You have an excellent memory. Keep it up!

11. You are passionate.

12. You deserve the best in life

13. You enjoy the beauty of nature

14. You are free to be yourself

15. You could always find the best solution in all situations

16. You can accomplish anything you set your mind on

17. You have a strong intuition

18. You are open to possibilities

19. You have good analytical skills

20. You can make mistakes and you are still loved