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A set of 20 self-esteem affirmations. These self-esteem affirmation cards are a great way in building self-esteem in teenagers. These cards could be given individually and in groups.

The file include a PDF file if you want to print and individual digital slides of each card.

Cards include:

1. You listen when someone share their thoughts and feelings. Keep it up!

2. You are an important part of the family

3. My mind, body and heart are calm

4. I forgive myself for all my mistakes

5. You deserve to be treated with kindness

6. I respect my body

7. Listen to your heart

8. I am present

9. You are responsible for your words and actions

10. I love my family

11. You don’t need to be perfect

12. You can handle changes that come your way

13. Don’t compare yourself with others

14. You can fight with your family and still be loved

15. You can let go of your worries

16. You peacefully resolve worries

17. I can think positive thoughts

18. I accept all my flaws

19. You speak with respect

20. You are supported