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A set of 20 self-esteem affirmations. These self-esteem affirmation cards are a great way in building self-esteem in teenagers. These cards could be given individually and groups.

The file include a PDF file if you want to print and individual digital slides of each card.

Cards include:

1. Anything is possible

2. You are an asset to the community

3. You are bigger than your stress. You can handle it.

4. You are powerful

5. No matter what your grades are, you are a capable student

6. You are here for a purpose

7. You are an example of love

8. Your future is your own

9. You create your own destiny

10. You take things one step at a time. Keep it up.

11. You have the ability to learn from every experience

12. Speak up! You matter!

13. You are blessed

14. I keep my word no matter what

15. You are going to be alright

16. You have a healthy mind and body. Keep it that way.

17. I see goodness in myself

18. You have the right to express your feelings in a way that allows people to hear and understand you.

19. You have the ability to learn from your anxiety

20. I am above all the drama