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A set of 25 affirmation cards. These affirmation cards are a great way in building self-esteem in kids. These affirmation cards can be used individually or in groups. It can also be used as posters in the classroom.

Cards include:

1. I am proud

2. I am a winner

3. I am a happy person

4. I am creative

5. I am helpful

6. I am loved

7. I am brave

8. I have many friends

9. I am important

10. I am athletic

11. I am unique

12. I am cool

13. I am good in music

14. I am beautiful

15. I enjoy learning

16. I enjoy having fun

17. I enjoy eating

18. I accept myself

19. I am respectful

20. I am loving

21. I am kind

22. I am awesome

23. I enjoy challenges

24. I always try to do my best

25. I am honest