Item description

A set of 25 affirmation cards. These affirmation cards are a great way in building self-esteem in kids. These affirmation cards can be used individually or in groups. It can also be used as posters in the classroom.

Cards include:

1. I am patient

2. I am humble

3. I am understanding

4. I am reliable

5. I have a great imagination

6. I am a star

7. I make good decisions

8. I think first before I act

9. I am good at listening to other people

10. I am good at dancing

11. I am dependable

12. I am supportive

13. I am good at encouraging others

14. I try my best to take care of the environment

15. I am a good leader

16. I am good at planning

17. I am good at research

18. I am resourceful

19. I am good at taking photos

20. I am good at cooking

21. I am good at baking

22. I try to be neat and clean

23. I enjoy going to school

24. I believe in myself

25. I enjoy the outdoors