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This bundle includes...

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This mega bundle includes:

* 182 Self-Esteem Affirmation Cards

* 45 Resilience Affirmation Cards

* 28 Feelings Flash Cards

A. Self-Esteem Affirmation Cards for Teens

This Self-Esteem Affirmation Cards Mega bundle includes more than 150 self-esteem affirmation cards for teens. These self-esteem affirmation cards are a great way in building self-esteem in teenagers. These cards could be given individually and in groups. The file includes a PDF file if you want to print and individual digital slides of each card.

B. Resilience Affirmation Cards for Teens

These affirmations could re-focus your thoughts and be more positive. These are designed to create self-change. They could serve as an inspiration and reminder for everyday life.

These affirmations could be done first thing in the morning or in the evening or could be done throughout the day. It is suggested to use these affirmations regularly to create more impact and preserve emotional potency.

These could be printed out and you could bring them along wherever you are. These resilience affirmation cards are in A4 size and JPEG format.

C. Tweens and Teens Feelings Flash Cards

The emotions flashcards include 28 different feelings/emotions. It includes what trigger each emotion and feeling. It also has an interview guide questions to help your students identify, express their feelings and promote discussions.

The 28 feelings/emotions are:

Girls emotions/feelings:

1. Baffled

2. Passionate

3. Ecstatic

4. Mad- Frantic

5. Splendid

6. Melancholic

7. Terrified

8. Astounded

9. Introverted

10. Apprehensive

11. Placid

12. Pensive

13. Flabbergasted

14. Sullen

Boys’ emotions and feelings:

1. Perplexed

2. Piqued

3. Contented

4. Mad-Absurd

5. Grand

6. Distressed

7. Anxious

8. Stunned

9. Cautious

10. Tense

11. Quiet

12. Wistful

13. Startled

14. Cantankerous