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When I was a little girl I did not know we could make our own lunches and take them to school. It wasn’t until middle school that I found out that you could bring your own lunch. My friend ate a tuna sandwich everyday. She used to tell me how her dad would wake up early and prepare her lunch. What other types of sandwiches are there? Could I make one? Well, it turns out that most kids can make their own sandwiches. Making their own sandwich can help them feel confident and responsible. That is why this mini book contains 7 easy to follow recipes that kids will understand and follow to make their very own sandwich or make a feast. Kids will need access to a toaster, butter knife, and possibly a microwave.

The sandwiches included are:

  • Nutella sandwich
  • tuna sandwich
  • beef sandwich
  • butter and honey sandwich
  • PB&J sandwich
  • strawberry jam sandwich
  • leftovers sandwich (might need microwave for this one)

The last page of this mini book gives kids suggestions on snacks or fruits that would pair perfectly with their sandwiches allowing them to have variations.

I recommend students take their mini book while grocery shopping to go over with their parents on things they would need.

This mini book also has tips for kids on what NOT to put in a microwave, why we toast our bread, and more.

This mini book comes in color and black and white. When cut out the book will have tabs which will allow students to quickly reach a recipe.


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