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The sentence stems included in this resource will help students better tell about their reading experience, what they are reading, what they think about the story, how they relate to it and much more!

Involve writing with reading by introducing sentence stems in which your students can write and share their thought about books.

This set is perfect for when you read a book to all the children and then give them a page or allow them to choose one and create a bulletin board in which all the kiddos can read what each other wrote allowing them to expand their thinking as they look into the thoughts and minds of their peers and see how they were different or alike.

With the sentences strips you can print them out and punch hole to put together and use on one on one reading moments. As the student reads you can easily find a question and allow them to ponder and respond. This is great for peer to peer reading and conversation or for student to adult reading moments.

Have fun reading!