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Sentence types (Declarative, Interrogatory, Exclamatory, Imperative), Run-on sentences and Fragments, Subjects and Predicates, Conjunctions (FANBOYS), Rearranging Sentences, and Subject-Verb Agreement are all covered in the 35 easy-to-use worksheets in this Bundle of 7 resources.

The following resources are included:

  • Sentences, Fragments & Run-Ons: 4 worksheets (Grades 3-4);
  • Simple Subjects & Complete Subjects, Simple Predicates & Complete Predicates: 4 worksheets (Grades 4-6);
  • Simple & Compound Subjects, Simple & Compound Predicates: 5 worksheets (Grades 4-6);
  • Conjunctions & Sentences:  7 worksheets covering Coordinating Conjunctions and Compoundd Sentences, and Subordinating Conjunctions and Complex Sentences.  Includes FANBOYS (Grades 3-4);
  • Rearranging Sentences: 4 worksheets on changing a sentence by moving a phrase or the verb (Grades 2-4);
  • Types of Sentences: 7 worksheets covering Declarative, Interrogative, Exclamatory, and Imperative sentences (Grades 3-4);
  • Subject-Verb Agreement: 4 worksheets (Grades 4-6)

Some of the resources include answer keys.

The resources in this Bundle help students learn how to use sentences effectively. The worksheets are great for introducing a topic, as extra practice, or for review. Also great to have on-hand for sub work!

Some of these resources are designed for grades 3-4, and some for grades 4-6 (suggested grade ranges for each resource are listed above). Thee worksheets support many Common Core ELA standards.