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Welcome to the start of another new school year. This month we have a lot of fun and exciting things planned for your students. 

September Preschool2Kindergarten Curriculum is full of hands-on engaging activities offering students tons of opportunity to have fun while learning and bring out the best in their learning journey. The curriculum folder includes a full month of lesson plans consisting of four weekly thematic lessons each: 5-day lessons including patterns and enrichments and posters.

This packet will engage and challenge each child in your classroom. Small motor, math, literacy and language activities support core standards!  Fun activities are ready to print-n-go and is perfect for Kindergarten readiness skill building, early readers and building early literacy/language skills and more!

Our September Curriculum offers lesson plans to assist you when teaching the following learning domains:

✩ Circle Time

✩ Pre-K Readiness

✩ Storytime

✩ Art / Crafts

✩ Math / Science

✩ Music / Movement

✩ In The Kitchen

Four (5-Day) Weekly lesson plans are written in a simple to use format allowing you to use alone or to implement alongside of your own classrooms activities.

September Welcome Pack included:

✔ A warm welcome letter

✔ A list of teaching tools to have on hand.

✔ Program content list

✔ Program Information

✔ Family Partnership Benefits

✔ Anecdotal Notes Form

✔ Students Learning Journey Cards

✔ September Weekly Newsletter Items

✔ 3-Year Bundle Preview

✔ 2-5 Year Skill Assessment Set

✔ Daily Progress Notes

✔ Library Check-Out Form

September Curriculum Pack Included:

✔ 4- weeks Lesson Plans – Curriculum

✔ Materials Included in Program List

✔ Curriculum Overview

✔ Curriculum Map

✔ PreK Smarty Box

Enrichments, Posters & Patterns Included:

✔ Activity Sheets

✔ Enrichments

✔ Patterns

✔ 3 Binder Covers

✔ 1” & 2” Binder Sleeve (Spine) Labels

✔ Editable Teacher Tools


Please let me know if you have any questions prior to purchasing.

[email protected]


Our four weekly themes are as follows:



Week at a Glance
Day 1: Off to School
Day 2: Letter A Day
Day 3: Library Day
Day 4: Numbers 1&2 Day
Day 5: Following the Rules

We begin the month with a group discussion on what to expect when students begin school. We plan out and implement our Learning library as we set up a lending library so students can check out classroom books throughout the year. They will have fun discussing and discovering the classroom rules and how important they are. This week is an exciting back to school week!


Week at a Glance
Day 1: My Family
Day 2: Letter B Day
Day 3: Wonderful Me
Day 4: My Neighborhood
Day 5: Friends

Second week, we focus on our family, friends and home. This is a good introduction as we get to know each other and learn about the people who are important to each of us. We will also spend a time learning all about ourselves and the things that make us unique and different. We will discover how special we all are!



Week at a Glance
Day 1: Exploring the Apple
Day 2: Letter C Day
Day 3: Fun with Apples
Day 4: Circle Day
Day 5: More on Apples

In week three, we will explore apples. We will learn all about how they grow and the ways we enjoy them. We will take an imaginary trip to an apple orchard and have some fun with our Growing Apple Tree play. This is a fun week with apples!



Week at a Glance
Day 1: Taste &Smell
Day 2: Letters ABC, Numbers 1 & 2 Review

Day 3: Touch & Feel
Day 4: Red Day
Day 5: Sight & Hearing

In the last week of September, we learn all about our five senses. Students explore taste, smell, sight, hearing, and touch during a week filled with fun sensory exploration. During the week, students will learn how we use all five senses in our everyday world.



The letters for the month are A, B and C.

The numbers for the month are #1 and #2.

The shape of the month is Circle.

The color for the month is Red.

The community helper is the Teacher.

Our emergency drill is scheduled for Week One.


Please take a few minutes to review the PREVIEW Download. It allows you a better view of the product in greater detail to help you determine if this product will work for you and your students. I hope it’s what you are looking for. ENJOY!!!

This program will assist you in implementing an early learning program covering many interests; early learning program, morning social, creative art, early mathematics, literacy language, science, music & movement, fitness, health, small and large motor skills and nutrition. All of which should be introduced and taught in the preschool years.


You can easily plan your learning environment and have everything ready when you need it when you grab this Bundle. You’ll have plenty of time to prepare your teaching strategies so you’re ready when your students are ready.

RFTS Preschool-Kindergarten products are exceptionally easy early learning fun for the prekindergarten age child. I hope you enjoy this packet as much as I had in creating it!


RFTS Preschool products are exceptionally easy early learning fun for the preschool age child. My hope is that you will enjoy using the materials and products as much as I enjoyed developing and creating them for you. If you enjoy this RFTS Preschool product, please stop back and let me know. I appreciate your feedback, comments and suggestions.


If you have a question about this product, please contact me directly before purchasing. I am always happy to help in making sure this product works for you and your students. Thank you for viewing! ENJOY!


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