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September Math and Literacy Workbook for Kindergarten.  This September math and literacy packet contains 61 reproducible worksheets for kindergarten at the beginning of the school year.  Most of the included worksheets are common core aligned and will provide practice with letter recognition and writing, number recognition up to 10, counting up to 10, and writing numbers up to 5.  There is also a simple fall mini-book for reading practice, graphing pages, shapes graphing practice, color recognition, rhyming pages, sight words practice, and much more.  If you like this packet, you can find additional math and literacy packets for each month of the school year.

September Includes:
*About Me Activity
*Name Writing Practice/Assessment
*Sing And Trace The Alphabet
*Write The Missing Uppercase and Lowercase Letters
*Match Upper and Lowercase Letters
*Apple ABC Order (cut and paste letters into ABC order)
*Uppercase/Lowercase Letter Writing Practice
*Write The Missing Uppercase/Lowercase Letters on Apples
*Write the Upper/Lowercase Letters A-Z Skills Assessment/Practice
*Leaves of Color (practice color words)
*Sight Word Color By Code (Fall Leaves)
*Fall Beginning Sounds Worksheets (Cut and Paste)
*Stamp or Write Beginning Sounds Worksheets
*Find The Rhyme (coloring)
*Find The Rhyme (cut and paste)
*Apple Basket Word Sort (Count The Letters)
*Sort By Syllables (cut and paste)
*Scrambled Sentence Puzzles For Fall
*Mini-book “I Like The Fall” – practice with sight words and fall color words
*Draw And Write Pages For Fall
*Fall Patterns (cut and paste)
*Fall Patterns (coloring)
*Number Practice Worksheets (0 to 5)
*Match Numbers and Pictures (0 to 5)
*Write the Missing Numbers (0 to 5)
I hope you and your students find these worksheets fun and helpful.
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