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This September themed writing prompts resource includes 15 themed prompts to get students thinking and writing about their knowledge of and experiences with topics related to the calendar month of September. There are 5 writing prompts for each of the following categories: opinion writing, informative/explanatory writing, and narrative writing.

We have also included mini versions of each writing prompt that can easily be pasted into an interactive notebook or writing journal and completed therein. Additionally, there is a cover page that can be colored by the students and stapled to their completed writing prompts.


Journal Writing Prompts in this Resource:

Opinion Writing Prompts

  • How should the school year be organized? (Start date, vacations, etc.) State the reasons for your opinion.
  • Should school policy include school uniforms? Would that make your life easier or not?
  • What did you have to do to get ready for school this year? Should students provide their own supplies?
  • Do you think students should have a chance to choose their teacher(s)? Support your opinion.
  • Which season do you prefer? Write to persuade your reader that you’ve chosen the best season.

Informative/Explanatory Writing Prompts

  • Animals prepare for winter. Do humans also need to prepare? Explain.
  • How is the new school year working out? What differences do you notice compared to last year? Explain.
  • For which classroom job would you apply? Explain why you should be the one chosen for that job.
  • Television stations start their new shows in the fall. What shows or type of entertainment do you like?
  • Do you need new study skills and habits this school year? Explain your strategies for gaining knowledge.

Narrative Writing Prompts

  • Johnny (Chapman) Appleseed is a folk hero. What do you know of the man behind the legend?
  • How have the events following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in the United States changed your world?
  • Fall is a busy time for hibernating animals. Choose an animal and describe its fall activities.
  • September 13th is Grandparents Day. Write to tell about special memories of a grandparent.
  • Imagine you are a scarecrow in a farmer’s field. What are your thoughts? Who are your friends? Write to tell of your days.