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Learn about service animals through a cute story on YT, and gain a few other teaching moments as well. No prep on your part! Through a YT video, “I” teach, YOU give kiddos the differentiated worksheets that directly correlate to what I teach. That’s all!

Teaching Moments (aside from service animals) include:

-English mechanics (cap/punct, commas in a series)

-Color recognition (K-2)

-Color mixing

-Road safety awareness

-Comprehension (worksheets)

-Critical thinking

YT links are in the product download also: https://youtu.be/X180hFzsU7c

In the book (on YT), I
always show the text on-screen so that emergent readers and ESL
learners can follow along, and I engage listeners with questions
I provide teaching “moments”, not full-fledged lessons, in an effort
to review skills previously learned, or preview skills yet to come
depending on the level/age of the child. The goal is to provide a fun
way for children to learn without them realizing it’s a mini-lesson. This
is an independent learning activity, so the teacher/parent can simply
let the child/children watch the video, then give them the worksheets to
That’s all! The worksheets directly correspond to what I teach in the video.

*Sets are differentiated by K/2 and 2/4. Mix and match as you choose.

Possible uses:

*Daily 5



*Small/whole group

*Summer bridge

* …and more

This can be spread out over a week.


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