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Here is a comprehension sheet, writing activities and a story map reproducible to print and use after you’ve read The Night Before New Year’s, by Natasha Wing, to your students. 

Print the PDF and you are Ready To Go!

1. Comprehension Sheet – This sheet asks students questions about the story, to write 6 words that rhyme with “night”, define “resolution”, and write their resolution for the New Year.

2. Answer Key to Comprehension Sheet is included.

3. Story Map – Students use words and/or pictures to fill in the characters, setting, problem and solution of the story.

4. Writing Activity #1 – “My Favorite Game to Play” Students identify their favorite game, illustrate themselves playing it and explain why it is their favorite.

5. Writing Activity #2 – “My Favorite Tradition” Students identify their favorite tradition. They will write about it and illustrate it.

☑ Includes Answer Key

☑ Great option to leave for a substitute along with the book!

☑ Simply Print & Go!