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With this printable, children will work on different 2-D shapes with the theme of constellations and stars.


–1 student book

–1 teacher book

Shapes included are:

circle, rhombus, hexagon, crescent (moon), octagon, oval, parallaelogram, pentagon, rectangle, semi-circle, square, trapezoid, triangle, heart, star, kite.

Teachers should read the big book to the children first. Then have them work on their individual books next. The student booklet has repeated text and on each page a traceable shape and traceable words of the particular shape as well as gluing the shape on each page.

Book can be printed two ways:

1. You can print only the pages you want to work on..

2. You can print both pages-front and back. Just print sides with the setting “print both sides-flip pages on long side”. Make sure you print in even pages.

Suggestions, tips, and differentiation:

* Pages are not numbered so teachers can pick and choose which pages they would like to do depending on the grade and level of the students.

* With the teacher’s book, certain pages can also be printed..

* While reading the teacher’s book, children can look for the shape around the room.

* Student book can be colored.

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