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These engaging Short A Centers and Writing Acitivities work together to provide active learning fun for your students. They are an engaging addition to your daily phonics practice and reading intervention! Students will practice counting the sounds in words, matching letters to the sounds they hear, and then using the words in writing activities to help solidify their understanding.

This set supports learning of the following short /a/ word families:

-at, -an, -ad, -am, -ap, -ag

This set includes 3 different short /a/ centers and writing activities:

1) short /a/ dry-erase word cards and story. Students count the sounds and write the word for each picture on the cards. Then they pick a word to use in a story.

2) short /a/ word building and sentences. Students choose word cards. They use counters to count the sounds they hear in each word. Next they use letter tiles to build the word. Lasty, they choose 4 picture cards and write sentences using each word.

3) short /a/ roll and sort words. Students roll picture dice and sort the short /a/ words that they roll on a t-chart. Then they roll words to use in a sentence writing activity.

You may use the writing activities that your students complete in the centers for a grade or keep them as examples of your students reading progress. They are also useful work samples for RTI meetings.