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Item description

This resource for the short and long A vowel sounds will build your students’ phonemic awareness and phonics skills. The activities focus on CVC and CVCe words, but also include some differentiated practice with CCVC, CVCC, and CCVCe words.

Students will:

  • Work on word reading fluency
  • Distinguish between real and non-sense words
  • Sort words with the long and short A sounds
  • Identify words with similar spelling patterns (word families)
  • Add silent E to CVC words to create new words
  • Read short and long A words in context
  • Read and answer questions

This resource includes a variety of activities that can be used for independent practice, intervention groups, centers, homework, or assessment.

  • Differentiated, timed word reading drills
  • Cut and glue worksheets
  • Color and write worksheets
  • Short paragraph reading tasks
  • Phonics reader with word sorting tasks and questions
  • Small group phonics game for 2 to 4 players
  • Digital activities
  • Digital assessment

Answer keys are included.

These activities are designed for young readers. They feature:

  • decodable text
  • easy to understand directions
  • clear, primary fonts
  • uncluttered format

Appropriate for students working on a late kindergarten to late first grade level, but can also be used with below-level second graders receiving phonics intervention.