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This short A CVC word family set includes 97 high quality transparent PNG graphics which can easily be layered and re-sized. The set includes 49 color graphics and 48 black and white graphics.




-at words: bat (baseball), bat (flying), hat, sat, cat, rat, fat, mat (welcome), mat (yoga)

-ad words: dad, lad, bad, sad, mad, pad (2 versions), rad (hippie)

-ag: bag, rag, wag, tag

-am: ham, jam, ram, yam, bam (2 versions)

-ab: cab, lab

-an: man, can, fan, pan, van

-ap: sap (2 versions), tap, nap, zap (2 versions), map, cap, gap (2 versions)

-ax: sax, wax

-ar: car, jar, bar (chocolate)

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