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These summer themed short reading passages and wh comprehension questions are the perfect tool to help students practice their reading comprehension skills. Each short fiction passage includes 3 wh comprehension questions, visual answer choices, and a “describe” passage to practice adjectives and expanding ideas. These story sets are perfect for special education students, mixed language therapy groups, and extra homework practice.


This resource could be used for:

+Small group reading

+Resource/special education reading groups

+Extra practice homework

+Language therapy groups targeting reading comprehension, wh questions, sentence formulation, adjectives, key details, main idea, etc.


This resource can be used in two ways:


As an interactive reading comprehension book, students can read and answer questions in an interactive book format.


As reading comprehension worksheets, students can choose a worksheet and answer the wh questions as well as the describe question.


Instructions are included for guidance on how to prepare for each format.


Includes 16 total short fiction reading passages with a summer theme. 3 wh comprehension questions are included at the end of each story. 3 visual choices are included for each comprehension question. As a bonus, there is a “describe” question for student to practice expanding ideas, creating sentences, and using adjectives. Also included (for the interactive book format) is several storage pages for the visual choices to keep all pieces in one place.