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Teach your students all about short / long U word families with this easy to use fun and interactive printables! 43 pages of activities are included that will provide a comprehensive way for teaching CVC, CVCe words and other words of “U” word families.


How to use this set?

It can be used as an interactive journal activity or word family reader.

More ideas on how to use: 

  1. as word walls. There are 9 colorful and 9 black and white pianos with word examples of the family. Print and hang!
  2. as a piano constructor. Tell children that you’d like them to help you and build a PIANO together! There are colorful pianos with a word family letter as well as b/w pianos. Print and laminate them (choose b/w or colorful variant). There are piano keys with words for each family. Print, cut words on piano keys and mix them. A child should read the word on the key and connect it to the right piano (with a magnet, paperclip. sticker, etc.)
  3. sing the words on keys.
  4. as cut and paste activities.

The set has both color and black and white versions.


What Word Families and Vocabulary are Included?

(U) -ub -uck -ug -um -unk -ush -ut -ue -ute

  • club, cub, dub, hub, pub, rub, tub

(extra words: flub, grub, nub, scrub, shrub, snub, stub)

  • buck, duck, luck, pluck, puck, truck, tuck

(extra words: cluck, huck, muck, shuck, struck)

  • bug, dug, hug, mug, plug, rug, tug

(extra words: chug, drug, jug, lug, shrug, slug, smug)

  • bum, chum, drum, gum, hum, plum, sum
  • bunk, funk, hunk, junk, slunk, sunk, trunk

(extra words: chunk, drunk, dunk, flunk, plunk, punk, shrunk, spunk, stunk)

  • brush, crush, flush, hush, lush, mush, rush
  • but, cut, hut, nut, rut, shut, smut

(extra words: glut, gut, jut, strut, donut, haircut, peanut)

  • blue, clue, cue, due, flue, glue, true
  • brute, chute, cute, flute, jute, lute, mute

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