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Perfect for making resources relating to the current worldwide Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic!

This Emoji Clipart set contains 14 different Sick Emoji Faces:


  1. Cold Face

  2. Dizzy Face

  3. Face about to Sneeze

  4. Face Blowing Nose/Sneezing

  5. Face Sneezing with Hand Over Mouth

  6. Face Sneezing with Medical Mask

  7. Face Sneezing Without Covering Mouth

  8. Face Vomiting

  9. Face with Head-Bandage

  10. Face with Medical Mask

  11. Face with Thermometer

  12. Hot Face

  13. Nauseated Face

  14. Woozy Face

BW line art faces included.

That is 28 images altogether!


I started off making my emojis with blue eyes. Then I thought…but why should they only have blue eyes? So I decided to make versions with green eyes and brown eyes and include  them…for free!

Each Emoji face that has open eyes comes with 3 different colour versions:

  • blue eyes

  • green eyes

  • brown eyes

Disease does not care how rich or poor you are. It does not care how smart, athletic or creative you are. It does not care how cool or popular or famous you are. Disease treats everybody the same. We are all equally at risk. So I have included Nerd and Sunglasses versions of all the Sick Emoji faces in this set to illustrate this reality…also for free!

  • Nerd version of each face (with all three eye colours)

  • Sunglasses version of each face

  • BW line art versions of all Nerd and Sunglasses sick emoji faces included too!

That all adds up to 84 BONUS images!

All images are saved as PNG files at 300 dpi. They are large, at approximately 7 inches x 7 inches each, and can be scaled up or down as needed.

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Please note that all computers and printers are different, so when printed, the colours in this resource may not appear the same as when viewed on your computer screen.