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Make learning heart words fun with this sight word literacy center resource. Students will be playing and building up their knowledge of familiar words.


This resource includes:

  • List of Pre-Primer Sight Words
  • Assessment
  • 6 Center Activities
  • & more tips for teaching sight words

Playdough Words:

Students will build the sight words out of playdough.


Secret Code Cards – also in B&W:

Each word is broken down into a secret code where the letter is represented by a picture that starts with the same letter. Example H-E-R-E is hat – elephant – rainbow – elephant. Students have to crack the code to solve the word.


Card Game – also in B&W

Students read words as they place down their cards in this exciting card game.


Snakes & Ladders – also in B&W

Students read words as they make their way up the board trying to climb ladders and avoid sliding down the snakes!


POP – also in B&W

Students pick up cards and read out the words. They move around the board by moving the number of spaces that there are letters in their word. For example if they picked up and read H-E-R-E they move 4 spaces. Students are trying to avoid a POP card. P-O-P moves you back 3 spaces.


This resource includes instructions for creating this low-prep game with popsicle sticks. Or you can use the optional paper stick resource included. Students pull sticks and read the word. If they pull a KABOOM stick they start from the beginning.

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