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Item description

This Sight Word FlipBook for the word “away” is a fun, interactive, and engaging activity that provides your students with the opportunity to interact with the sight word “away” in many different ways.

Each version of the book includes:

  1. Cover page
  2. Reading and coloring the word “away”
  3. Two sentences that feature the word “away”
  4. A word dabbing activity page
  5. A box & rainbow write activity page
  6. Tracing the word “away”
  7. Writing the word “away” on your own

2 Versions Allow for Differentiation:

  • The first version features dots below each word, which allows students to track each word as they read the book.
  • The second version features a more challenging “trace and write” for each word as students read the book.
  • Each version of the flipbook contains 8 pages (each page is half of a full sheet of paper)

Letter Formation for Scaffolding:

  • Pages 7-8 (the trace & write) feature a letter-formation example. The numbered strokes provide students with a reference tool as they trace and write the focus sight word on their own!

**Also included is an “About Your FlipBook” page with ideas and suggestions that will help teachers utilize and get the most out of their flipbook! Flipbooks are made so that they can print both double-sided or single-sided.