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Teaching and learning sight words has never been easier, and it has never been more fun that it is with this program! Why should your students have to wait until 3rd grade to learn the 3rd grade list of words? Often, the 95-word Nouns list is forgotten….but not anymore! Set your students up for success early on with this sight word learning program!


This Year-Long Sight Word Learning Program includes:

  • 32 Teacher-Parent List Introduction sheets
  • 3 sets of flashcards for each list (96 sets of flashcards in all)
  • 2 differentiated assessments for each list, allowing for 3 different methods of assessment for each list!
  • 32 post-assessment Teacher Response sheets to keep parents informed on how their child did after each list assessment
  • 32 colored anchor charts (one for each list)
  • 6 student award certificates to be given after completion of lists 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 32
  • 2 Student List Trackers (to allow students and parents to actively track their own progress)
  • 4 Teacher Class Roster Trackers (to allow teachers to track student progress but individually and as a class)
  • Also included is an 8-page Program Introduction explaining how to implement and get the most out of this valuable resource! To preview the program, click here to download the Program Introduction & LIST 1 for FREE!!



About the Year-Long Sight Word Learning Program:

I created this program to teach my students sight words. The program covers all 315 Dolch sight words (Pre-Primer, Primer, Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, and Nouns List). The 315 sight words are broken down into 32 lists (ten words each, except for list 32 which is five words). Teachers can differentiate by allowing their students to make their way through the lists at their own pace, as part of a larger guided reading group, or as a whole class. The 32 lists begin with Pre-Primer words and progress through the Nouns List, so the lists get more difficult as the year goes on.

Essentially this is a step by step on how the program works:

  1. Teacher sends home the “List Introduction” sheet, along with flash cards.
  2. Parents practice the flash cards with their child, initial and return the Introduction Sheet when they feel their child is ready to be tested on their current list.
  3. Teacher selects 1 of 3 methods of assessment (differentiated) and tests student during centers, independent reading time, or snack time.
  4. Teacher fills out the “Teacher Response Sheet” and sends home to parents
  5. If student passes the assessment, he or she receives the next list in the program OR if student does not pass the assessment, teacher sends home “Focus Words” for targeted practice.


I will also be creating compatible “activity packs” that go along with the program and are great for:

  • Distance Learning Packets
  • Center Work
  • Morning Work
  • Substitute Activities
  • Homework
  • Supplemental Practice
  • and much, much more!