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This fun and engaging resource will help your students master their sight words! The 100 Sight Word List is FULLY EDITABLE!  Students will work on reading, rainbow writing, identifying, tracing, and writing their sight words.  Enter your sight words on one entry page and they will auto-generate to the rest of the document.  After you enter your sight words, then you’re ready to print and go!

What’s Included:

Included in this sight word resource are 100 EDITABLE SIGHT WORDS!

The first 100 Fry’s Sight Words are already entered for your convenience, but you can edit the list to fit your needs.  Use the TAB key for quick entry from word to word.

Page numbers in the resource align to the Sight Words Entry Page list to make locating specific sight word pages easier.


Each sight word page consists of 4 activities:

  • Read 3 times.

  • Rainbow write using 3 colors

  • Find and circle

  • Trace and write (handwriting practice)


Ideas for Use:

This resource would be a great addition to any Early Childhood/Elementary Classroom to help students practice their sight word knowledge! 

Use for:

  • Introducing new sight words

  • Spiral Review

  • Homework

  • Literature Centers

  • Morning Work

  • Distance Learning At-home Packets

  • Intervention/Enrichment


* Please note that this resource is intended to be printed out for students to work on and is not to be uploaded online for distance learning. If you are still teaching at a distance, this resource would be a wonderful addition to any take-home packets!



Thank you for considering adding this resource to your teacher toolbox

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