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This printable can be used in multiple ways to reinforce sight words.
Child will work cooperatively with another child. Each one will take
turns to tell the other what the words are on each fry. If they get it
right they keep the fry and put it in their fry box—wrong the other can
“steal”. If no one can correctly names the word, it is put aside. The
one with the most words in their fry box wins.

When the fry label
is used as a box to hold the fries, just cut along the black line
separating the glitter top from the stripped bottom. Glue top to inside
of a file folder or a piece of card stock then only glue the sides of
the stripped bottom to the folder making a pocket. Then you can slip
the fries into the container (make two for each child). Fries are
numbered to match list.

Contains:  1 fry box/label, 100 sight word fries (Fry List #1 (1-100), and a recording sheet (list of all words numbered)

Loads of Thanks!!       Creations by Mrs Mouse