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Item description

This is a set of CVCe word family (silent E words) mini books that beginning readers can complete all on their own! Each little book includes multiple ways to practice reading CVCe words.

  • Page 1 – Color the word family ending

  • Page 2 – Match the CVCe words to the corresponding pictures

  • Page 3 – Read short sentences and circle the corresponding picture

  • Page 4 – Color the words that belong to the target word family

The simple sentences include beginning sight words and CVCe words.

There are 13 books in this set for the following long vowel sound word families:

  • ake, ame, ane, ate

  • ide, ile, ime, ine

  • ole, one, ore, ose

  • u_e

The long U words are combined into one book because there aren’t enough words in any single word family to create separate books for them.

These books require minimal prep – just fold in half and in half again. They will work well in your literacy centers or as homework.