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This set of activities focusing on silent E helps students distinguish between similar CVC and CVCe words. Includes word work center, game, worksheets, and digital activities that build understanding of silent E.


Word Building Center

Students match onset and rime cards to complete each word. Includes both CVC and CVCe words to help students discern between short and long vowel words. For example, the “C” card showing a picture of a cane should be matched to the silent E “ane” rime card, while the “C” card showing a can should be matched to the “an” card. Includes 35 onset and 35 rime cards.

Score 4 Game

This activity also requires students to discern between words with and without a silent E. Students take turns drawing picture cards, saying the word, and finding the corresponding word on the game board. The first player to get 4 words in a row is the winner.


  • Worksheet 1 – Students circle the correct word for each picture.
  • Worksheet 2 – Students glue the correct ending onto each word (either silent E or not).
  • Worksheet 3 – Students write the word for each picture.

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