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Looking for an easy, fun activity on the 6 simple machines? You will LOVE this resource. This interactive folder is unlike any other! Students will create working paper models of each simple machine. This activity was created to be easy to teach and fun to use, with easy-to-find materials. Although this product was designed for middle school students, it can be constructed with younger students if they have support.

Six Simple Machine Paper Models Included:

  • Wheel and Axle – Students will create a working wheel and spin it to reveal the characteristics of a wheel and axle.
  • Wedge – Students will create a moving wedge that “splits” apart a log to reveal uses for wedges.
  • Lever – Students will create all three types of levers (1st Class Lever, 2nd Class Lever, 3rd Class Lever) that pivot to demonstrate the correct position of the fulcrum.
  • Pulley – Students will create a flagpole with an American flag that raises and lowers using a working pulley.
  • Screw – Students will create a model of a screw, demonstrating that it is a modified inclined plane.
  • Inclined Plane – Students will create an inclined plane with a figure that moves up and down.

This resource is for:

  • Classroom Teachers
  • Homeschool Parents
  • Homeschool Co-op Teachers
  • Christian School Teachers
  • Enrichment Teachers

This resource includes:

  • Materials list
  • Instructions
  • Student instructions as printable worksheets
  • Photos of each step for each experiment
  • PowerPoint slides for each activity with photos of each step

List of materials needed for each student:

Simple Machines pdf (included) printed on white cardstock (4 pages per student)

Manilla Folder


Pen or pencil


White glue

Tread (~14”)

11 Brass Fasteners