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Simply Sentences is an easy, no-prep way to provide a consistent writing center or sentence writing practice routine in your classroom.

This resource is part of a money-saving bundle. Please make sure you don’t already own the bundle before purchasing this pack! Love what you see? Consider the bundle for more fun and savings!

These pages will provide your students with easy and quick writing practice!

Have students color each picture (quickly!) and then write a sentence to go with each picture. Young students can write simple sentences while older students can include more details. If students struggle to think of something to write, encourage them to look at the details in the pictures (colors used, body parts, objects, etc.). You may even have them add details to the pictures (add a ground, sky, flowers, other small details, etc.). One word has been included for each picture to help students not get “stuck” on how to spell it themselves.

Ideas for Use:

* Writing center activity

* Sentence writing homework

* Quick sentence assessment

* Tracking students’ writing progress through the year

* Tie-in to a science unit

* Writing practice while waiting to conference with teacher on a writing piece

* Easy writing activity a substitute can use

* Use during conferences to show parents their child’s progress

* Use to identify areas of student’s weakness/strength in writing

* Use as alternative to journal writing OR

* Print at reduced size to glue inside composition book/journal

17 different pages featuring four pictures and words on each are included (any duplicated words contain different pictures each time):

Words: reading, pencil, backpack, coloring

Words: desk, hat, eggs, book

Words: bunny, basket, smile, garden

Words: wagon, basket, behind, bowtie

Words: sign, surprise, egg, bow

Words: chocolate, chick, rabbit, egg

Words: tulips, hatch, chocolate, basket

Words: eggs, Easter, chick, rabbit

Words: owl, painting, candy, friends

Words: hunt, juggle, ears, hide

Words: spots, chick, stripes, basket

Words: pet, listen, hop, face

Words: chicks, sit, wing, shell

Words: eggs, hide, bunny, basket

Words: basket, beside, find, push

Words: hold, friends, Easter basket, carry

Words: jellybeans, found, bunny, treats

Words: basket, large, carrot, rabbit

Words: egg, sell, dress, holding

Words: balloon, paint, bicycle, vegetables

Words: find, read, carrot, chicks

Words: crayon, search, pencil, music

Words: basket, sign, hide, find

Words: hunt, look, reach, watching

Words: lamb, nest, chick, bunny

Words: costume, decorate, chick, wagon

Words: hats, flower, lamb, egg

Words: costume, carrot, chocolate, bunny