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Item description

This is a product designed to help students with autism and social skills deficits successfully differentiate between different levels of problems, as well as appropriately react in order to effectively problem. All too often I work with students whose reactions do not always match the size of the problem. Many times my students have over-reacted to a problem that is not a ‘big deal’ or that could have easily been solved by engaging in simple low level actions.


*****Activities within this packet are available as printables and digital/paperless in the form of digital google slides.****


This product allows students to think about problem sizes AND their reactions through a series of worksheets and activities as well as provide students with portable strategy cards that they can utilize in their social environments to be able to effectively problem solve and react appropriately..

In conjunction with these activities, there is an interactive game utilizing task cards where students are able to practice what they have learned with their teacher or within a small group.


Specifically within this packet you will find:

Part 1. This section includes a variety of different activities to help students begin to think about different problems, their sizes as well as the appropriate and inappropriate ways to react to and solve those problems.

Size of the problem social story- 4 pages

What is the size of the problem?- 2 pages

My own examples of different sized problems- 2 pages

Identify the size of the size of the problem of a given scenario- 3 pages

Does the reaction match the problem?- 9 pages

What will help me solve a problem and what will make the problem worse? – 2 pages

Identifying over-reactions and correct reactions to a problem- 8 pages

Problem, size, and how can I solve it?- 4 pages

What reaction will help me solve the problem (compare the pros and cons of 2 reactions)- 2 pages

Having a plan b to solve a problem- 2 pages


Part 2. Think about appropriate actions and strategies to solve problems of different sizes.

How can I react the right way?- 1 page

Small problems….big reactions (what can I do instead)- 1 page

Medium problems…big reactions (what can I do instead)- 1 page

What is the problem and how should I react?- 2 pages

Things I think are problems and things other kids think are problems- 2 pages

My plan of action- 1 page

Strategy cards- 4 pages

Strategy icons- 3 pages

Personable strategy cards- 6 pages

Reflection sheets- 4 pages

Part 3- Interactive game/activity

504 task cards (color and b&w options)

2 interactive activity boards

3 expansion worksheets

A digital ‘drag and drop’ sorting activity

A digital drag and answer extension activity