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WHAT is a skiddle?


These “SKIDDLES” provide practice to reinforce the skills your students need to be successful in algebra. 

They have the added advantage of being self-checking. If solutions don’t lead to a reasonable answer to the riddle/joke, students know to check their work!

This packet of SKIDDLES covers the following algebra skills,

SOLVING Two-Step Equations

SOLVING EQUATIONS -Variables on Both Sides

SOLVING Multi-Step Equations

including infinite and no-solution cases

Proportions in Algebra

Formulas / Literal Equations

Application / Word Problems with multi-steps

SOLVING Multi-Step Inequalities

SOLVING/GRAPHING Compound Inequalities

SOLVING Absolute Value Equations

SOLVING/GRAPHING Absolute Value Inequalities

Ready to PRINT & GO –   Perfect for SUBPLANS!

Use them to review at the beginning of the year, as a “refresher” throughout the year, or just to reward your students with something ‘different!”

Your students may groan at the corny jokes…. but they will remember you as the the teacher that made math FUN!