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This Small Science: States of Matter is aimed at kindergarten and lower elementary school (Grade 1-3) students as well as home-school students. It is fun and hands on STEM inquiry on the physical change between solid, liquid & gas.

This States of Matter Unit is 28 pages in total and appropriate for one week to one month. For the teacher, there is background information which simply explains the science involved, a page of picture book suggestions, additional activity suggestions as well as 2 challenge cards to laminate and save. It includes 3 color visual step by step experiments on changes of state. Each of these activities comes with a printable observation worksheet. This resource contains 8 full color classroom/ center posters and 4 printable worksheets.

This STEM Unit includes

· Background information

· Story suggestions

· Additional activity suggestions

· Challenge cards

· 3 color visual step by step experiment pages

· 3 corresponding B&W worksheets

· Classroom & center posters

· Additional worksheets

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